sábado, 15 de março de 2014

Ides of March 13th - 17th Read-a-thon: Progress


    Today I though I could share with you guys my progress in the Ides of March read-a-thon.

    I started the read-a-thon reading a bunch of page from The Juliette Society but this erotica does not have a good story so far.  During the second day a started and completed A March Bride a sweet novella.

  • Day 2:
          Started and Finished: A March Bride, by Rachel Hauck (my review)
          Pages read: 120

  • Day 1:
          Reading: The Juliette Society, by Sasha Grey
          Pages read: 88

    You can see my sign-up and goals post here.

    Ha det bra! :)

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