quinta-feira, 15 de maio de 2014

Bout of Books Read-a-thon 10.0 - Challenges: Spell It Out


    The Bout of Books' challenge from today it's hosted by KimberlyFayeReads. In the Spell It Out Challenge we have to create a word, every type we choose, with the first letter of a book's title.
     I though a lot and tried some words and themes but nothing came out. Until I decided to try to spell the Portuguese word for books using my classics in Portuguese. :)

    So, in Portuguese books are spelled livros.

    L usíadas, Os / Lusiads, The - by Luíz Vaz de Camões

    I lusões Perdidas / Lost Illusions - by Honoré de Balzac

    V ermelho e o Negro, O / Red and the Black, The - by Stendhal

    R etrato de Dorian Gray, O / Picture of Dorian Gray, The - by Oscar Wilde

    O disséia / Odyssey, The - by Homer

    S ertões, Os - by Euclides da Cunha (a Brazilian author)

    Ha det bra!!

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