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Review: Fool for Love

    Hei alle!!

    Today the review is going to be in english.
    A resenha de hoje vai ser em inglês.

     It was so good to come back to this scenary. Marie Force created a lovely world in Gansett Island, with men capable to deeply love strong and real women. 

    Title: Fool for Love
    Serie: The McCarthys of Gansett Island
    Author: Marie Force
    Publisher by Marie Force
     Media: ebook
    Number of pages: 256 (aprox.)

My thoughts:

    Fool for Love begins only a few weeks after the end of Maid for Love, and I adored how we were able to read a new romance, between Joe and Janey, but still know a little more about what happend with our previous mais couple, Mac and Maddie.

    Janey discover a breaking fact about her relantionship with her fiancé David and while a little lost she goes to her big brother's friend, Joe, how is like her fifth brother, or she thought so.
    Joe always loved Janey but never tried to steal her from David, hovewer now he has a opportunity to let Janey knows how he truelly feels about her.
    This new relationship wasn't supposed to happen right now but they discovery that their chemistry is powerfull.
    I liked the dinamic between them, and I had fun and warm moments cheering for this couple.

    Fool for Love is a great romance!

My Rating: 4,5 livros

    Ha det bra!

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