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Review: UnEarthed

    Hei alle!!

    Today the review is going to be in english.
    A resenha de hoje vai ser em inglês.

    I received a free e-copy of UnEarthed from its publishers through NetGalley for a sincere review.

    Title: UnEarthed
    Author: Rebecca Bloomer
    Publisher: Odyssey Books 
     Media: ebook
    Number of pages: 160 (aprox.)
    Goodreads profile: link here


    Unearthed is a fast turn-page adventure, with a little of romance and a lot of good humor. 

      Jodi is a teenage who is moving out with her mother to Mars, where her daddy lives. Jodi doesn't like the idea until she is introduced to how it really is to live in Mars.
    The human colony in Mars name is Anphobos, and it is basically inhabited and developed for and to scientists and technogeeks. For a hacker like Jodi, this can be a paradise!
    Whithin the dome that protects Anphobos, live is clean, organized, envorimental sustainable and with amazing technologies. However, the colony isn't able to supply all products yet, needing some supplies form mother Earth, and that is now a problem, since the high taxation of imports and exports.
    Anphobosites (inhabitants of Anphobos) want a fair trade and more independence. While the majority seek a pacific way to achieve this, other are read to fight and worst, to initiate the fight.
    For Jodi this is a new planet, a new culture, a new life, but she get herself involved in old and very human contests.

    I enjoyed the world created by Bloomer in Anphobos. It was realistic and I could believe that if (or when) we get on Mars, the human colony would be like the one that she described in this bool.
    The writing was good and the plot was interesting, a well balanced young adult sci-fi, with funny and light moments, a touch of romance and some thriller. I'll definitely recommend it.  

Rating: 4 books!

     Ha det bra!!

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