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Review: Let it snow

    Hei alle!!

    Today the review is going to be in english.
    A resenha de hoje vai ser em inglês.

    I got a chance to read Let it Snow before its release, thanks to the publishers and NetGalley  and here comes my sincere review.


    Title: Let it Snow
    Author: Erica Ridley
    Publisher: Intrepid Reads
     Media: ebook
    Number of pages: 200 (aprox.)
    Goodreads profile: link here


    Let it snow is a light and funny contemporary paranormal romance.
    The author blended modern and medieval times with humor.
    Lance is a adventurer who has a bounty on his head. Without much time to rise a large amount of money to get rid of this threat, he chooses to try his luck breaking an ancient curse from the icebound Castle Cavanaugh and retrieve the Blossom ....
    Princess Marigold is trapped alone in the castle for six hundred years, occasional seeing some adventurous who were converted in tiny figurines a few hours latter. Somehow she has managed not only to survive but also to keep herself sane and smart.

    When this two meet each other initial shock becomes empathy and sorrow for the other situation.
    Instead of freaking out the whole about being caged, Lance decides that he will bring a little happiness to Marigold, after all she doesn't have a fun time for a very long period. And soon they are liking each other.
    Both characters are very likable, Lance with his bravure and kindness to the Princess, and Marigold with her stronge inner strength and sweet heart. Their romance is soft and its development fits the rithme of the story.
    Is it really impossible to get out of the castle?
    Well, he promises set her free, she doesn't believe that it is possible, and reading their adventure I had funny and pleasant moments.

    If you like having fun while getting touched with a sweet romance, you will probably like this book. Just note that are a few hot scene in it.

Rating: 4 books!

     Para ler, em português, o que achei sobre esse livro dá uma olhadinha na resenha que colocarei essa semana  no Skoob.

     Ha det bra!!

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